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Love INC Does What Others Cannot.

Our strategy is intentionally different. Agencies, charities and government programs can provide a safety net to help those in need. But they do not offer the Christ-like love that brings hope and lasting transformation to everyone involved as churches through Love INC in the Name of Christ do. This is what the mobilized church looks like!

The church has a prophetic calling to be the hands and feet of Christ to those in spiritual, physical or emotional, relational, and material need. When the church members are mobilized and trained to serve neighbors in need alongside agency partners, legitimate assistance beyond immediate material help can be explored.

Love INC serves our community hand-in-hand with our community partners, including agency partners who refer guests in need of our services. Agency partners of all sizes and disciplines can elect to refer guests, pool resources and partner with Love INC or directly refer guests to Love INC without providing services.

Ministry partners (like Metropolitan Ministries, St. Vincent de Paul Society, etc.) delivering a single increment of help often only ‘scratch the itch’; helping address an immediate material need (partial rent, utilities, car repair, etc.) but unable to address the spiritual, physical or emotional, and relational needs of their guests. Also, beyond an initial assessment and help with a material need, the agency often lacks the capacity to provide critical, longer term, including wrap around support services, to help ensure positive outcomes.

Trained Love INC resource navigators help fill these service gaps by being intentionally relational, looking for multiple opportunities to ‘love on’ our guests; linking them with validated, appropriate, community resources and walking in faith with qualified, motivated, accountable guests that ‘lead their own parade’ to stabilize themselves and their families.

If our model of shared case partnering with love resonates within you; a strategic pooling of resources, expertise and proven 40-year track record of changing lives and demonstrating the Love of Christ, contact us on the form below to start the journey to become an agency partner.

Ministry partner relationships developed over the past several years include:

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Love INC fosters mutuality, an even exchange.