How Love INC of Metro Tampa Works

“Love INC offers a way for St John’s Episcopal Church to optimize its outreach mission through partnerships with other churches and community organizations.  By joining our resources, we are able to participate in transformative solutions that address the needs of our neighbors in ways that would not otherwise be possible.”

– The Rev Dr Kathleen Moore, Deacon, St John’s Episcopal Church

Since 2017, 15 member churches responding differently to Mt 22:39 command to love thy neighbor.

Love INC exists only to serve its member churches.  Mobilizing churches, their members and resources produces volunteers that are Love INC trained to provide a variety of direct services to guests entrusted to our ministry. Love INC staff does not do direct services; rather it guides the serving processes. Love INC cultivates leadership in serving our guests.

The heart of Love INC is the Help Center, where trained, member church volunteers and resource navigators receive requests, assess the need to be reasonable and manageable, respond with wisdom and discernment, and make referrals for help and follow up insuring that needs were connected with resources.

Through the Help Center, Love INC identifies gaps in services and resources in the community, and helps churches develop ministries to fill the gaps. Gap ministries are available for assignment to interested member churches. These include dental ministry, minor home repair, budget mentoring, lullaby baby ministry, personal care pantry, car repair and more.

Love INC of Metro Tampa Help Center Referral Flow Chart

Help Center Referrals

The Help center receives referrals from member or nonmember churches, agencies or directly from guest inquiries, either on line or phone (813) 222 – 5683 (Love)

The Help Center serves as a liaison between churches and agencies. Help Center volunteers and staff receive referrals for help and analyze the nature, extent and legitimacy of the requests. Responding with prayerful wisdom and discernment, the Help Center team makes a decision to either accept the request as a fit for Love INC mission or decline and refer the guest to appropriate outside resources. Most often, if a guest is willing to make positive changes in their life, and we have the resources, Love INC tries to find a way to help.

In making referrals, the Help Center staff have the option of interfacing with any combination of partner agencies and specialized services, church network and their church ministry resource network. In serving guests entrusted to our care, Love INC is intentionally relational, walking alongside our guests in their transformational journey, from chaos, to shalom – lives lived as God intended. Love INC chronicles and shares these love stories, putting God’s love on display.

Love INC advocates boldly for those He loves.