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About Love INC

Redemptive Compassion

“Lives are transformed through relationships, connecting willing Christian servants with neighbors in need. In the process, we are all transformed, needs are met, and joy becomes our shared reality.”


Seed Planting

Had I found my alternative solution to ‘one and done’ charity; a single dose of help that failed to address and meet a host of other, unmet guest needs? Late in 2012, after exploring Love INC’s website, I requested an information kit containing a series of exercises; interviews with churches, agencies and supporters, to gauge our communities’ interest and willingness to build a Tampa Love INC affiliate.





Lines Of






Retina Ready


Birthing our baby, Love INC of Metro Tampa

Love INC represents our love story, vision and legacy; personally, and communally, for Tampa. As founding vision carriers, our vision was to replicate in Tampa what we witnessed with Love INC Heartland in 2012. While we endured the darkness; post transplantation challenges with skin cancers, 40 + procedures, reconstructive surgeries, radiation, and repeatedly lost momentum, we persevered, trusting in His amazing provision for light; Love INC of Metro Tampa’s 2017 opening.

There you have it

Fast forward to today; Love INC of Metro Tampa – Since 2017, 15 member churches responding differently to Mt 22:39 command to love thy neighbor.

Love INC guests transform from chaos to shalom – lives lived as God intended.