Love INC of Metro Tampa Dental Ministry

Meet Dr. Stephen M. Krist

Stephen M. Krist, DDS has been practicing general dentistry in south Tampa for over 30 years. His emphasis is on cosmetic dentistry and advanced restorative dental procedures to solve complex dental problems including missing teeth, worn, broken or crooked teeth. He is a 1979 graduate of Emory University School of Dentistry.

Dr. Krist serves Love INC of Metro Tampa guests by appointment only for guests approved through the Help Center.

Dr. Stephen M. Krist, DDS
General Dentistry – 33 Davis Island Blvd. (Two blocks from TGH) – Tampa FL, 33606 – 813-253-5379

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Love INC of Metro Tampa?

Love (In the Name of Christ) INC of Metro Tampa helps fifteen member churches get Love Thy Neighbor done differently. Nonprofit Love INC is part of the Love INC National movement with 134 affiliates in 24 states (six in Florida).  The Tampa affiliate provides central contact points for those seeking help. Love INC mobilizes churches to effectively identify and respond to community needs – together – across denominational lines. Through the partnership of churches and their volunteers, people with need receive: goods, services, meaningful relationships, and opportunities to learn, grow, and transform.

Why a Love INC DDS ministry?

Unlike other ministries that focus on transactional needs, Love INC focuses on the person’s unmet needs (Gap ministry) with life transforming services. Intentionally relational, holistic DDS ministry services, are delivered by member churches, their trained volunteers and a team of twelve DDS professionals.  Love INC staff guide these processes. Since opening in 2017, guests, volunteers, DDS professionals and community have been transformed.  Love INC; help beyond the Band-Aids – food and clothing commands of Mathew 25.

How does the DDS Ministry referral process work?

Tampa Love INC approved guests request DDS services through our on-line referral process The Love INC Help Center reviews, vets and approves qualified guest requests. For guests with legitimate, reasonable DDS needs Love INC sends a referral to Dr. Krist for review. If he accepts the referral, the Love INC Help Center schedules an exam appointment for our guest in his office.  Dr. Krist determines if the guest’s DDS needs fit our ministry resources. If yes, he determines services he can perform and what, if any, DDS ministry network resources he will need. He/his staff makes requests for referrals to DDS specialist(s) who can elect to provide services or decline. Guests pay for at least a $10 lab fee per DDS visit. For major, resource intensive procedures, guests also pay a sacrificial, sliding scale fee.  Love INC collects any guest paid portion in advance of procedures and remits to providers on a monthly basis.

Who provides DDS Ministry Leadership?

Love INC, their guests and DDS participants maintain strict confidentiality, using only first names and last name initial. DDS professionals remain anonymous.

What is the volume of requests for DDS services?

Currently, a few requests monthly but that number will grow as Love INC grows.

What $ participation is expected of guests receiving DDS services?

Love INC requires mutual participation and a sacrificial “skin in the game” contribution of our guests. Love INC fosters mutuality, an even exchange, where DDS ministry partners grow in relationship.

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