Second Half Serving

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Second Half Serving; What to live for and how to live.

Love INC mission: mobilize the Church to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.


What does the second half of your life look like?

“No good life is possible unless it is organized around a vocation. If you try to use your work to serve yourself, you’ll find your ambitions and expectations will forever run ahead and you will never be satisfied.


If you try to serve the community, you’ll always wonder if people appreciate you enough. But if you serve work that is intrinsically compelling and focus on just being excellent at that, you will wind up serving yourself and the community obliquely.” The Road to Character – David Brooks


The author continues with “a vocation is not found by looking within and finding your passion. It is found by looking without and asking what is life asking of us. What problem is addressed by an activity you intrinsically enjoy?”


I see these dynamics at play in my own Love INC journey as well as observing other second half, middle age, Love INC volunteers; Becca, Jennie, Tom, Jen, Lindsey, Thad, Darlene, Joe, Ann and many more that have entered the second half of their lives’; that period of self-reflection where they are reminded they are not the center of the universe but serve a larger order. Their understandable focus on family and career goals and aspirations is gradually overshadowed by a focus shift to legacy goals and aspirations.


What do I want my legacy to be beyond my career accomplishments? What is the point of my life?  


Our volunteers have assimilated that “we don’t live for happiness; we live for holiness. Day to day we seek out pleasure, but deep down, human beings are endowed with moral imagination. All human beings seek to lead lives not just for pleasure, but of purpose, righteousness and virtue. As John Stuart Mills put it, people have a moral responsibility to become more moral over time. Life is essentially a moral drama, not a hedonistic one.”


These volunteers are drawn to Love INC’s mission and high impact outcomes of our intentionally relational “Help beyond the Band-Aids of Mt 25.” Love INC of Metro Tampa provides central contact points for those seeking help. Love INCs do not replace Christian churches, but instead mobilize them and their volunteers to effectively identify and respond to community needs – together – across denominational lines. Through the partnership of churches and their volunteers, people with need receive; goods, services, meaningful relationships, and opportunities to learn, grow, and transform.


“Souls are like athletes that need opponents worthy of them; if they are to be tried and extended and pushed to the full use of their powers.”– Thomas Merton


As you self-reflect, are you being summoned to His Tampa kingdom building that awaits “second half” servant heart workers, like you?


Blessings, md
Michael Doyle / vision carrier
Love INC of Metro Tampa