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Love INC advocates boldly for those He loves, and fosters


One of six Love INC core principles: “See Everyone’s Value”



This core principle is closely aligned with the social justice principle of the dignity of each person we encounter. Mutuality is an essential Love INC strategy as we answer a prophetic call to rescue, redeem, and restore our guests’ self-worth and esteem. Our vision is to celebrate the inherent dignity and value of those entrusted to our care.


Another core principle is “Respond with Wisdom and Discernment”


How will our journey in relationship with our neighbor demonstrate the social justice principle of solidarity? Does our response reflect how Christ would respond? Will our outcomes put His love on display in Tampa? Does our response foster mutuality? Is there an even exchange between our guest and our Love INC volunteer? Do they grow together relationally?


“Dick” Love story in the making: Love INC core principles at work!


Love INC advocates boldly for those He loves!


“Dick” is a regular guest (One of 175+) at our Open Arms Sunday hot breakfasts and cold weather shelter nights operated by Love INC member church Hyde Park Methodist Church.  He was one of several responding last Sunday to our pre-breakfast announcement of two Portico Workforce Housing rooms available for employed, motivated, single, homeless men who are serious about our program to bridge men from the street to permanent housing.


Like many of our guests, “Dick” struggles with “a past”; the consequences of a life filled with poor decision making. Per “Dick”: “Things are a bit rough. All my possessions – army bag, cold weather clothes, sleeping bag, tent, were stolen. After Open Arms, I ended up in the hospital, my third trip to the ER due to no cold weather equipment and the cold rain. Out of options, I rented a $100 room to escape the cold and rain. There is no heat, and I’m sharing a garage room in a high drug traffic area.”


Open Arms volunteer “Don” purchased a pair of work boots for “Dick”. “There is something about ‘Dick’ that tells me he is salvageable. It will take a great deal of effort by him and us.” When asked if he was ready to transform his life, ‘Dick’ replied: “Honestly I am. ‘Don’ has been a huge part of this for me. He asked me for nothing more in return for those boots than for me to get off of the street. I feel like I can do better than just that. I don’t have Don’s number, but if you could let him know, at least for tonight, I am fed, I got my boots on, am at work, and have a place to go when I get off work. “Don” made a joke “Pay me back for the boots by not coming back to my cold weather shelter!”


“Dick” is homeless; not hopeless. Love INC’s men’s housing coordinator is exploring a 30-day trial fit for “Dick” in our Portico Workforce Housing Program, an opportunity to love on him and allow him the dignity of him “showing us his best stuff.”  While there are no guarantees, we can provide “Dick” a scaffold to stability that he may or may not elect to climb and at least witness stability. Love INC strategies and outcomes help create a flourishing Tampa.


If you are touched with journey testimony from a guy spending the night in a cold garage or have questions about our services beyond the Band-Aids of Mt 25’s food and clothing commands, please reach out to us.


Michael Doyle / vision carrier / 813 466 9166 /