In 2010, Love INC of Metro Tampa co-founder Michael Doyle was recovering in Tampa General Hospital’s ICU after a 10-hour surgery, the conclusion of his battle with end-stage renal failure and in preparation for a kidney transplant the following year. Frightened and alone, Michael uttered what he now calls his “fox hole” prayer: “God, get me out of this mess and I will dedicate my remaining days to serving You.”

Mike, who had long served the Tampa Bay community through various organizations, had become frustrated with what he thought was incomplete support being offered to those struggling to get by. He felt his efforts were often only a “band aid” for situations requiring more compassionate and attentive care.

Mike shared this frustration with his wife Ann, that they were only “scratching the itch” of the true needs of the folks they served. Ann reminded him that her sister-in-law Jenny volunteered at a nonprofit called Love INC Heartland in Delano, Minnesota, which was part of a nationwide network of affiliates serving people struggling with issues like homelessness and food insecurity.

That summer, they toured Love INC in Delano and were transformed.

There, they saw mobilized, trained Christians crossing denominational lines, leaving dogma at the door, and being fully engaged delivering a mission of love. The service was a “hand-up” not a “handout,” focusing on the whole person and not just the immediate need.

Late in 2012, after exploring Love INC National’s website, Mike and Ann requested an information kit, then began the process of launching an affiliate here in Tampa.

Officially opened in 2017 with its six original, founding partner churches, Love INC of Metro Tampa is now 13 member churches Transforming Lives and the Community In the Name of Christ.

As the organization’s founders, Mike and Ann’s vision was to replicate here what they had witnessed at Love INC Heartland. Through fierce determination in the face of numerous trials along the way and hearts guided by Jesus Christ to serve those who deserve it most, the Doyles have built an organization that has served thousands of people since its opening!