Love In the Name of Christ (INC) exists only to serve its member churches. Trained church volunteers provide the direct services to our guests and Love INC staff guides the serving processes. Here are a few volunteer roles available for you to serve in:

Help Center Support: Interviewing guests referred for services and verifying application information. Administrative duties such as validating and updating resources, data entry, answering phones and scheduling interviews. Follow up after Love INC 101 meetings to invite interested participants to a future orientation. Conducting follow-up calls to check in on guests served to make sure the resources given were appropriate/delivered, ensure that they were treated with respect throughout the process, and to check on their well-being. Sending prayer cards and notes of encouragement.

Help Center Volunteer Opportunities: Available weekdays 9 am-1 pm

“Church pastors know the needs of their members. Love INC knows the communities’ needs. Together, in solidarity, our service is a witness of His love.“

Resource Navigators:  Volunteers willing to have a one to one relationship to mentor, coach and support guests who have more long-term challenges and who are willing to participate in creating a success plan to improve their future.  The hours for this opportunity are flexible and we match Navigators with guests based on guests’ needs, skills of Navigator and faith tradition or church affiliation.  Navigators are needed for both the Love INC guests and men who are in the Portico Housing Solutions program. These opportunities are very transformative for both the guests and volunteer and help us to create “Love Stories” and give volunteers wonderful experiences with people who may have had life experiences very different than theirs.

Church Ministry Coordinators (CMC): These are volunteers who represent each of the member churches and serve as a liaison between Love INC and their church and congregation.  CMC will be asked to meet periodically with Love INC staff and other CMCs, help organize Love INC activities at their church to build awareness of the ministry. They also help identify volunteers from their church with specific skills to work as a Resource Navigator, depending on goals and plans of a guest.

Board of Directors and Committee Members: Representatives from member churches who are committed to sharing their skills and experiences to strengthen and grow the Love INC ministry.

Special Skills

  • Home Repairs
  • Transportation for household items or for individuals in need for specific appointments.
  • Any professional skills that may be needed by an individual, family or household. This can include budgeting, legal advice, automobile services, and skills for the Love INC organization like marketing, media and accounting.

Special Events/Activities

  • Newsletter assembly, four times a year.
  • Assistance in planning for and hosting the breakfast fundraisers in April and October.
  • Work days to clean up yards, paint homes, etc.
  • Speakers bureau and community education on Redemptive Compassion and When Helping Hurts.
  • Open Arms Sunday Feeding – Love INC team volunteers the fourth Sunday of the month – 7:30-9:30 AM at Hyde Park United Methodist Church.

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Love INC advocates boldly for those He loves.